Gen. McInerny Says Special Ops Got Pelosi’s Laptop: “This is high treason!”

I’ve been telling you the next 10 days will be unlike anything you have ever witnessed in America.

And now it’s not just me telling you.

How about a three star general?

General McInerny just released several videos where he breaks down everything that happened at the Capitol.

And it’s NOT what you think!

There were several Special Operations being ran all at the same time.

The guys with heavy military gear that you’ve heard about?

Those were the white hats.

They went in and seized multiple pieces of evidence, including Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

Listen to him break it all down.

Here is #1:

And #2:

And #3:

And #4:

And because I know that will soon be wiped from Twitter during the purge, I saved them all.

Put them all in one video and saved to Rumble.

Watch here:

Intellihub had more:

The former Lt General who served under U.S. presidents in the past says Pelosi is “frantic” because she knows her laptop went missing during the chaos.

“This is high treason,” McInerney explained. “They are terrified because they [special forces] have that data.”

“There was some people in there that were special forces mixed with Anifa and they took her laptop and they have the data.”

The former Lt General claims the missing laptop is the reason that Pelosi wants to impeach President Donald Trump in such an expeditious push using the 25th Amendment.

Pictures showing the House Speaker’s desktop were posted on Intellihub Wednesday that reveal the contents on her desk.

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